What Tools Does a Beginner Mechanic Need

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Deciding which mechanical tools are most useful is a pretty tough job you need to do as a beginner. So you may wish to have a person or list who can help you to decide the tools quickly. Besides, it is really necessary to have all the right tools while doing a mechanical task.

Without having the correct essential tools, you will end up finding this job difficult, and you will never be able to satisfy the outcome of your task. Here in this article, we will provide you a list of the most used and helpful tools and safety equipment that you must have while working.

30 most useful tools for beginner mechanics

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you need to have a good set of tools. If you don’t carry all the necessary tools, then you may end up making the task complicated, or you may need to leave the task midway. Here is the most 30 useful tool that all the beginner mechanic should own:

1. Wrench Set

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There is no doubt that a quality wrench set will not be the most useful tool in every mechanic’s toolbox. Almost every mechanical task requires at least a wrench tool or two. That’s why it would be better if you purchase the best quality wrenchir?t=rabiussany 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00PQXNG0M set before. 

You will see there are two types of wrench sizes available, metric and standard size. We would suggest you have both sizes of wrench set. The recommendation size of the wrenches is from 6mm to 24mm. 

2. Ratchet & Socket Sets

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Another important tool that you need in your toolboxes is ratchets and sockets. Ratchets contain three different sizes of 1/2″, 3/8″, and 1/4″. And technically, you need all these sizes of ratchets. And for the sockets, the advisable size is ranging from 6mm to 32 mm.

3. Jack

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Jack may not be the tool that you will require for every mechanical job, but surely it’s a necessary tool that a mechanic should have. You will be glad to have a hydraulic jack when you require access underside of a car as it will lift the car for you. 

One thing you need to note down is that these jacks are only lifting tools. They are unable to handle a car in a raised position. And if you need to hang the car in high places, you need to have a jack stand. 

4. Jack Stands

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When you lift the car with the help of a hydraulic jack, you require a jack stand to secure the car at a certain position. These stands are also considered as a safety tool; however, they are not something that you should skimp on. At one pair of jack stands, every mechanic should own. And while choosing them, make sure the stand you’ve chosen can handle at least 2 to 3 tons. 

5. Screwdrivers With Hex Bolsters


There is no chance to skip a good set of screwdrivers for any mechanic. These tools are really handy and a basic tool for mechanical tasks. You can assume that a screwdriver is like a wrench tool that is being used in every task. 

That’s why it is really important to buy a good set of screwdrivers with hex bolsters that will last for a long time. A screwdriver with hex bolsters kind of heavy-duty that lets you remove a wrench from the shaft. Also, they are a useful tool to provide more torque to move the screw. 

6. Torque Wrench

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You will notice that a torque wrench is pretty similar to the standard one. But a torque wrench is able to tighten bolts to a certain specification which a wrench can’t do. These wrenches are ideal for working on a car’s engine or transmission or installing spark plugs. 

7. Hex Wrench

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Hex wrenches are also must-have tools, and they are great for securing Allen head bolts in any vehicle’s components. Hex wrench can fit in any tight space and is also a useful tool to have in the toolkit. 

8. Flex-Head Ratchet

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A flex-head ratchet is like a flexible ratchet that can squeeze the ratchet head in any space. And then, you need to pivot the handle of flex ratchets for maximum leverage. They are ideal for removing spark plugs; also, you don’t need to disassemble any item to work with one or two tricky bolts when you have this tool.

9. Oil Filter Wrench

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You can easily remove spin-on type oil filters by using an oil filter wrench. These tools are really smooth cylindrical canisters, and they can be pretty greasy while covered in oils. 

10. Oil Dripping Pan

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The most basic task that any mechanic can easily do is changing the oil of the car. But you will require to have a good oil dripping pan unless you want your workshop’s floor covered with oil. 

An oil-dripping pan may seem simple, but they are really a useful item; besides, they are pretty cheap too. Make sure the pan can hold at least 10 liters before buying. 

11. Cable Ties

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You can consider these useful items as an extra, but you really should have them as a mechanic. There are many sizes available of cable ties, and they are really great for fastening any parts or cables. You can also use them as a mark for identification. 

12. Battery Carrier

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A battery carrier basically helps you to carry batteries. Batteries from old vehicles are pretty heavy, and they are quite difficult to remove as they are always wedged in tight. If you have this tool, you can easily and safely carry out the batter by lifting it. 

13. Flexible Funnel

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Another helpful and cheap tool is a flexible funnel; they help you to reduce the chances of spilling fluids on the floor. This tool makes sure that oil and fluid only go to the exact place where they need to go. 

14. Screw Pitch Gauge

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While replacing any lost or damaged bolt, you need to make sure the replaced bolt has the right head pitch. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to do this task by seeing it only. And that’s where you will require a screw pitch gauge to check whether you are choosing the bolt with the right pitch head or not. 

15. Finger Ratchet

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When you want to reach easily in any under the dashboard, a finger ratchet will make it happen. You can also reach any tight spaces to remove hex-bolts. And you will face this type of bolt-on on a daily basis while working, so include this tool immediately into your toolbox. 

16. Spark Plug Pliers

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You must know how difficult it is to work with a spark plug with the standard pliers. If you force the regular pliers too much, you may end up damaging the clip inside. So to avoid damaging and making the work easier, you will need to have spark plug pliers. The firm grip on the boot of spark plugs will keep the clip away from damaging. 

It is true that you don’t have to use these pliers for spark plugs every day, but the way they can save your time and labor while replacing any spark plug makes them totally worthy. 

17. Flashlight

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A mechanic should never carry a toolbox that doesn’t include a flashlight. This one is a must-have tool for every mechanic from all over the world. When you work with a car’s engine or other parts in the car, you will notice how dark those areas are. So it will be hard for you to see and understand the problems, that’s when a flashlight will come in handy. They are very cheap and fit in your hand that will give you bright white light. 

18. Utility Knife

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A utility knife is also a useful tool that will come in various uses while working on your workshop. There are a lot of tasks where this utility knife will come in handy. You can also use these kinds of knives to open a box, even cutting hoses. 

19. Pliers

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Most of the mechanical tasks will need pliers, which makes them an essential tool. There are many sizes, and types of pliers, and the most required pliers are wire pliers, spark plug pliers, needle nose pliers, and of course, regular pliers. 

20. Vice Grip

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When you need to lock the jaws of the pliers into position, you will require a vice grip. These tools are mostly ideal for mechanical tasks where you need to maintain a solid grip over something. There is nothing to be worried about if the force is high on the component as the vice grip is set before the jaws are locked. 

21. Hammer

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Here comes another must-have tool after the wrench, screwdriver, and flashlight. Having a solid hammer in every mechanic’s toolbox is a must. It’s a common scenario that a thing gets stuck with rust, grease, or dirt while working on cars. And that’s when you need to remove that thing with a hammer by whacking. We would suggest you choose a ball-peen hammer that comes with a solid handle. 

22. Pry Bar

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Pry bars are a really useful tool for attaining the extra leverage you require to remove everything from wheel caps, brake drums, and ball joints. They are also ideal for removing everything from drive shafts and control arms.

Having two different sizes of pry bars, one large and one small, is recommended. Also, try to get the best quality pry bars that you can afford. Pry bars are basically used for placing under many pressures, and the cheap one is preferable. 

23. Door Trim Removal Tool

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When you have a task that requires removing trims or upholstery, the tool you will require is the door trim removal tool. This door trim removal tool is ideal for removing clips made of plastic and interior paneling. These tools make sure that you can perform your removing task of trims and panels without damaging them. 

24. Multimeter

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For diagnosis electrical problems, having a multimeter is necessary. Multimeters not only detect problems but also measure voltage, amperage, and resistance. So this tool is very useful and can help you a lot while working on your workshop. 

25. Air Compressor

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If you need to do mechanical tasks that are heavy-duty, then you should own a good-quality air compressor. Most professional mechanics use this type of tool, and if you can use it, then it will save you plenty of time. You just need to purchase an air compressor for once, and it will give you services for a long time. It would be better if you invest a little bit more money in buying this tool as you need to use them for a long period. 

26. Tire Inflator With Gauge

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Once you have a compressor, now it’s time to purchase an air tool. And having a tire inflator with a gauge is the best option for an air tool. Having or owning this particular tool will help you to check and have the correct pressure on the tire. 

27. Impact Wrench

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The most useful and most used tool in mechanical work is using an impact wrench; almost all the mechanical task requires this tool. It helps to remove or adjust the nuts and bolts. For example, you need to remove nuts from wheels, but the task is really tricky, that’s when you can use this tool. It will help you to remove nuts in a minute. This tool will give you great company when you need to work with the engine, car’s suspension, or steering.

28. Impact Sockets

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Regular sockets are not suitable for use with your impact wrench. So you require sockets that are actually designed for impact wrench, and that’s the time when you can use these impact sockets. The recommended size for impact sockets is starting from 10mm to 32mm. 

29. Work Light

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No doubt that the flashlights that are pocket-sized are great, but if you need to spend a lot of time in your workshop, then you should have a good work light. We would suggest you choose a rechargeable LED light bar. Also, choosing the light that can be hung under the hood of a car is preferable. 

30. Jumper Cables

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The last tool in our useful tool list is the jumper cable, and every mechanic should own this tool. Most of the mechanics are already familiar with this simple tool. Jumper cables are great assistance when you work with a vehicle that has a flat battery that needs to move out. 

Safety Equipment to Protect Yourselves 

Safety Glasses

There is a higher chance of eye injury as the work involves a lot of small auto parts and chemicals. That’s why you need to make sure that you have safety glasses on while working with chemicals, welding, grinding, and jobs that can harm your eyes. Having them on will prevent the chances of injuries. 


You will find disposable and non-disposable gloves in the market. Basically, mechanics use disposable gloves for interior car operations. At the same time, the non-disposable gloves are lightweight and can be used for similar work. Just make sure you have high-quality gloves so that chemicals can’t come in contact with your skin.

Face Shield

A face shield is a necessary equipment that you need to have to protect yourself while working. We would suggest you consider buying face shields instead of disposable face masks as protecting your face is a big deal. But you must wear a dust mask in order to protect your lungs even if your workshop is well ventilated. 

Safety Shoes

The best type of mechanical shoes is non-slippery and steady type so that you don’t get slipped while working. Also, the shoe you choose needs to be thick and soft; if the shoes are lightweight, then it’s a plus point. You will need to deal with lots of tools while working, so choosing a thick shoe will prevent getting hurt from the tools. It will also keep your leg secure from burns and cuts. Soft and lightweight features of your shoes will keep your leg in comfort for the whole day.

Safety Dress

No matter what task you are doing, the first thing you need to consider is your safety. Having a safety dress for your mechanical task is actually coverall. These safety dresses are like jumpsuits that cover your whole body. Safety dresses are made with facilities like flame resistance, durable, and protective materials. So you can’t skip this safety equipment for your mechanical job. 


It is really necessary to have all the right tools to make your mechanical job easier. If you don’t use the right size and right tools, the job will seem difficult for you, and you will need to leave the task midway. 

We’ve shared with you a few must-have tools like a screwdriver, wrench set, flashlight, hammer, and work light. Besides all the tools related to work, you must have safety equipment too. We really hope you find this article useful to select your tools as a beginner mechanic.

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