How to Clean a Microfiber Towel – A Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Microfiber towels are probably one of the most useful things you can find to remove dirt and debris from any object. It can do wonders for cleaning anything without putting any scratches on, which is the best characteristic of a microfiber towel.

But did you know that a microfiber towel is made with millions of fibers, and that actually makes it function in such a way? However, that also makes it hard to clean once it gets dirty, which most people struggle with anyway.

To help you in that scenario, let’s check out how to clean a microfiber towel without actually ruining it so that you can use it again.

How to Clean a Microfiber Towel

How to Clean Microfiber Towels?

As you have a fairly decent idea about what a microfiber towel is and how it functions, it’s time to check out how to clean a microfiber towel. The process itself is not that difficult, but if you don’t use the right method, it can easily ruin the towel, which you really don’t want to happen.

Also, you must not use any fabric softeners as it will make the fabric super weak and the towel will not last you long. Also, it’s not wise to put anything with cotton as the lint can easily get grabbed by the towel, and that can make a mess.

Finally, you should never use a brush that has stiff bristles as it can ruin the towel, and you really don’t want that to happen. Now that you have a decent idea about what not to do, let’s go over the washing process without any further ado.

Washing Process

To clean your microfiber towel, you’d have to use lukewarm or hot water added with a mild detergent. If you know how to clean a microfiber towel, you know that it’s very critical to be super gentle with the towel.

Before you start washing, you should separate the color groups, for instance, make piles of different colors and wash them separately. That way the color won’t transfer into another piece and thus, it’ll maintain the color integrity.

You can use your hands to wash the microfiber towel, and that will give it a great wash in general. However, if you want to use a soft brush, you can go for it by all means and it’ll definitely give a better cleaning experience.

How to Properly Wash & Care for Microfiber Towels?

If you follow the previous two segments of the article, you should know how to clean a microfiber towel properly without any issue. To care for your microfiber towels, however, you can follow the tips that are given down below.

  • Always aim to airdry the microfiber towel after cleaning it to maintain the fabric quality, which is very important.
  • Never store a damp towel as it can mess up the fibers and it’ll not last you long.
  • Be extra careful during the cleaning process, and that’ll ensure that you don’t accidentally ruin it.
  • It’s best to use your hands to clean the towel. But you can use a brush with soft bristles to take out deep stains from it.

Choose The Right Towel for The Right Job

If you want to get the best effectiveness out of the microfiber towel, you must choose the right towel for you in the first place. Let’s check out 3 of the most common types of microfiber cloths, and that way you can tell which one is right for you.

  • Heavy-Duty Microfiber: These towels will work to remove the deep soil and oils and these are super high performance and will last you a very long time.
  • Medium Grade: These are perfect for wiping off the countertops and sinks, and these hold up pretty decently as well.
  • Suede-Like Texture: These microfiber towels are perfect for bright works and cleaning off objects that require clothes with a softer texture.

Effects of Using a Stained Towel

It’s very easy for a microfiber towel to get stained, and you should not be surprised if it’s getting stained too much. It doesn’t cause that much difference as long as you keep it clean enough. However, if you see that there are a few stains and dirt that you can’t clean, then you don’t have to worry about that. Just take out as much dirt as you can and give it a good clean and you’ll be good to go with using the microfiber towel.

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How “Heavy” is My Towel?

Some people really emphasize the importance of using a heavy microfiber towel to get the best cleaning experience, but is it true or just a myth? And how much weight do you need in your microfiber towel anyway, and how do you even tell when it’s enough for your job?

Well, most of the premium quality microfiber towels are typically heavier, and that does help a bit to give a better cleaning experience. But there is no exact number when it comes to the weight, and you should focus on the material quality rather than weight.

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How Microfiber Can Go Wrong?

As previously mentioned, microfibers tend to catch dirt and grime very easily, and it’s a very normal thing as well. Anything that’s left on your hand can easily transfer to your microfiber towel whenever you put your hand on it, and that goes to show how easy it is to make it go dirty.

Sometimes the stains are so deep that even washing them intensely won’t be able to take out the stains, which is quite a problem.


That was a lot of information on how to clean a microfiber towel that you just went through, and now you should have no issue doing it. 

However, it’s important to take note that it’s a fairly complicated process if you don’t know the right method for it, which makes it equally crucial to follow the steps properly. And if you do so, you won’t have any issue getting your microfiber towel as good as new.

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