Can Impact Socket be Used as a Regular Socket?

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Impact sockets are pretty robust and rigid. Their formation by black coating gives an extra layer and benefit to the socket. Many people use it as an alternative to regular sockets.

But the question rise arises, can an impact socket be used as a regular socket? The answer terms to be affirmative when comparing both the sockets.

The impact socket suits easily with any tools. Also, it needs a thick wall to fit in. Assuring all the safety and platform of a safe fitting and removal, you can easily use an impact socket like a regular socket. More details regarding the topic are stated briefly in the article.

Can Impact Socket be Used as a Regular Socket

How to Differentiate The Impact Socket From a Regular Socket?

There are a lot of factors that differentiate an impact socket from the regular ones. Let’s see what they are:


The usage of both the sockets is what stands to be a prime difference. Normally, the impact socket is used for massive power tools. With its resistivity and firmness, it suits best with heavy-duty purposes. But for light tools, you can use the regular sockets. It works, showing no complications and hardness.


Undergoing the sockets through torques will bring out many differences between the two sockets. The regular socket will go for an extension twist under high torque scenarios. At the same time, the impact socket can easily sustain the impact of the torque on it.

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The designs of the two sockets also stand out to be different. An impact socket looks quite fancy with a black coating and special protection over it. And the regular socket looks simple with the chrome coating covering it.


The price of the impact socket stands higher than that of the regular socket. There are a lot of additives and robust coatings that make the impact socket durable and long-lasting. These materials being absent in the regular ones makes it cheaper.

With the above statements and reasons, it is obvious to use the impact sockets under any circumstances. It will work severely and will last for a long time.

Why We Use Sockets?

Sockets are available mostly in sets. They are used to tighten and loosen mechanical fasteners. With different sizes and variations, they function differently.

With the help of a ratchet, you can operate the socket to tighten or loosen the nuts and bolts. They also work significantly with torque and wrenchers.

Their available sizes are usually SAE and metric. Both the sizes are available in a socket set. You get to use them depending on your purpose.

Various Type of Sockets

You will find 6 different types of sockets available in the market. Let’s discuss a bit about them:

  • Impact Sockets

Impact sockets are pretty robust and durable. They are made up of black coating. With great resistivity, they are recommended for industrial uses. They have the highest tolerance of torque and other forces at the center. It is a must to have thick walls to fit the impact sockets.

  • Socket Bits

Socket bits are hex sockets. There is a kind of bit inside it. Their functions are similar to the other sockets. With a ratchet, you get to attach it and operate accordingly. The screwdriver bits inside the socket enable it to be used with impact drivers and mechanical tools.

  • Spark Plug Sockets

You already understand the function of the socket by its name. They are used for fitting or removing the spark plug into an engine. There is rubber inside the socket that prevents it from causing any accidents.

  • Hex Sockets

The hex sockets are the kind of sockets that fits around the six-point nuts and bolts. Usually, there are two types of hex sockets; they are 6-point and 12-point sockets. They are named based on their points and angles. But you can use the 12-point sockets as a bi-hex or double hex socket. Thus, a 12-point socket can fit twice in a hexagonal bolt head.

  • Universal Joint

The universal joint is made to serve for the bolt heads that don’t support the regular-sized sockets. They can provide a 360-degree turning action. The unreachable tight spots can be easily reached by it.

  • Pass-Through Sockets

A pass-through socket is implemented for the bolt with a long shaft. There is a pass-through hole in the socket. A bolt of any length can be pass through the hole precisely. Just operate it with a ratchet-like the other ones.

Can an Impact Socket Be Used as A Normal (Hand) Ratchet?

We have already known how critical an impact socket is. Its toughness and formation make it superior to the normal sockets. But, a lot of speculations arise while using an impact socket with a normal ratchet. Can it be used?

Absolutely, yes. You can easily use a normal ratchet on the impact socket. The functions and formation of the impact socket can easily fulfill the void of the regular socket. Also, having thicker walls and robust functions, the impact socket needs high preferable rotations.

 With all the resistivity and sustainability an impact socket has, any ratchet can be used. No defect or error can be seen with the implementation of a normal ratchet on it.

Why Should You Never Use Chrome-Plated Sockets with an Impact Driver?

The impact drivers are designed for a perfect operation of the impact socket. It provides the force an impact socket requires. The chrome-plated sockets are the regular polished sockets.

But implying the same force on the regular socket will surely cost you heavily. The formation of the regular socket is not made compatible with that of the impact one. With the amount of force and strength generated from the impact driver, the regular socket will burst out.

So, it is holistic to never use an impact driver on chrome-plated sockets.

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Safety first

  • Before using the impact sockets and operating with them, it must have good precautions. Some steps are always needed to follow for your health safety.
  • Always keep protection to your eye, face, body while using any tool.
  • Use the tools that are good in condition. Old or defective chisel and impact sockets might break off and cause a serious massacre.
  • Never operate any ratchet, adapter, or joint off while working.
  • Always go for the correct sized tools and sockets.
  • Avoid further hammering the socket once it is fitted firmly and perfectly.
  • Prevent from using long bar extensions and adapters. They have higher possibilities of breaking.
  • Don’t hold any socket or ratchet by bare hand.


No external impact can happen using the impact socket in place of the regular. The impact socket can overcome and surpass every issue and trait remained by the regular socket.

Keep the precautionary steps in mind. Always try to remain bound by the limitations recommended by us. Overall, the impact socket will develop the tools’ strength and long-lasting tools perfectly than the regular socket.

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