10 Best Spray Guns for Cars: Review With Beginner’s Guide

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A spray paint gun is also known as an automotive gun or an HVLP gun (High Volume Low Pressure). This equipment is used to apply large amounts of automotive paint in order to paint a car fast and equally. The spray paint guns are made to give total coverage with a varied spray whilst still being efficient and simple to operate. Best spray guns for cars enable you to swiftly and easily paint the complete body or a specific panel of a vehicle.

Commercial painters usually use such spray guns, but vehicle enthusiasts love using them as well since they can accelerate their work. It also helps them get greater control and range in their paintwork.

It entails the experience of applying many coats incredibly practical for a large undertaking, like painting a scraped-down automobile or changing the color of a new door to fit the body.

10 Best Spray Guns for Cars in 2024:

10. TCP Global Professional Spray Gun: Best for Longevity

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TCP Global Professional Spray Gun includes a 1.4mm Fluid Tip, a 1 Liter Aluminum Cup, and an Air Regulator, among other amenities. To name a few that we found, stainless steel components and a large array of pattern widths spring to mind. Numerous compact air compressors would be compatible with the TCP.

TCP global paint gun set has an operating pressure range of 29-50 PSI that most compressors can readily manage. We were able to continue painting till we completed the work rather than having to wait for the compressor to keep up.

It’s also equipped with several control knobs that allow you to regulate the paint stream by providing complete control over the air pressure. The low-pressure gun’s large capacity is extremely compatible with all sorts of substances of varied viscosity. Its durability and overall quality make it the best option for longevity.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Compatibility with a variety of compressors
  • The use of stainless steel components ensures durability


  • Cleaning is a difficult task
  • Comparatively more paint is needed to finish the job

9. Master Pro 44 Series HVLP Spray Gun: Best Dynamic

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Master Pro is adaptable and simple to clean, making it durable and energetic. It has a high CFM with no overspray and is an excellent reasonably priced paint sprayer.

However, we also found that the seals burn out rather rapidly, resulting in leakage and pressure drop.

Master Pro has a 1.3mm tip that sprays fluid precisely and in a beautiful pattern to offer a superb finish on an automobile, crafts, or aerospace coatings. It also features a one-liter aluminum cup, which alleviates the burden of having to refill it on a frequent basis when doing huge chores.

Master Pro spray gun does not have a compressor. To utilize it, you’ll need to have a compressor with 16.4 CFM and a pressure of about 29 PSI.

It has an elevated flow air pressure regulator with a gauge that measures pressure in bar (0-7) and PSI (0-140) to precisely adjust fluid output flow to match any painting task need.

We found the gun to be entirely made of industrial-grade stainless steel and also designed to endure a long time. Tip, nozzle, and air cap system incorporates cutting-edge atomization tech that precisely sprays paint coating for a high-quality finish and makes it the most dynamic option in this list.


  • Settings and components can be changed
  • Simple to use
  • Parts made of industrial-grade stainless steel
  • Professional Grade
  • Adjustable settings and components


  • A little more costly
  • There is no on-board compressor

8. Campbell Hausfeld Paint Spray Gun: Best Portable

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Campbell Hausfeld’s paint gun spray set is a practical option that comes with all you would need to paint a car. The set includes two guns, one with a 1.4 mm spray size and one with a 0.8 mm spray tip size.

Campbell Hausfeld takes 2.1 CFM and 0.7 CFM compressed air, correspondingly. Despite the fact that the guns use so little air, they blast atomized paint out of the nozzle at 40 psi.

They come with their own specialized paint canister, and the smaller gun is designed mostly for touch-ups. Also, as both are gravity-fed guns, there would be less wastage than with siphon-fed versions.

We Campbell Hausfeld’s to be an outstanding value for money since you’d have a large selection of accessories as part of the package. The package contains5 in-line paint filters, two adjustment valves, three cleaning brushes, a coupler, 10 paint filters, a wrench, and a  PTFE thread tape along with the two paint guns. While some of the accessories aren’t always of the highest quality, this kit has everything a novice needs to get started painting.

Its lightweight feature makes it the best portable option. If you’re beginning from scratch, the secret is to start with this kit and then expand from there. 


  • Excellent value for money
  • There are two spray guns
  • The kit is well-organized for portability
  • The package includes various accessories
  • Gravity feed produces the least amount of waste


  • Accessories of a somewhat lower quality
  • The parts are too densely packed within the shell

7. REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer: Best Affordable

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If you’re searching for a low-cost paint sprayer, the REXBETI Ultimate-750 paint sprayer should catch your eye. Being inexpensive does not imply that it is of poor quality or does not result in an excellent finish.

REXBETI has simply made it cheaper for DIYers to utilize and achieve quality painting effects on automobiles, cupboards, patios, and any other paintwork which makes this gun the most affordable option.

REXBETI Spray gun comes with four various sizes nozzles to accommodate a variety of painting applications. Furthermore, this fantastic spray cannon sprays paint in three different designs.

Depending on the surface you’re painting on, you can spray paint in a circular motion at 45°, horizontally at 90°, and vertically at 180°.

It gets the work done quickly and easily thanks to its 500W turbine that transfers paint at a flow rate of 750ml per minute and its 1000ml paint container. We also found an adjustable control knob for adjusting the paint output flow to fit margins, angles, and so on.

REXBETI Spray gun has a separable design that makes it simple to disassemble and clean. It includes cleaning supplies and also has a long 6.6ft cable that operates on 120V. Along with being extremely lightweight, it includes paint strainers and a viscosity cup for removing particles from paints.


  • Affordable price range
  • It is really simple to use and clean
  • Ideal for minor projects
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Guidelines are poorly worded
  • Paint splatters as it dries at the tip

6. DeVilbiss Finishline 4 HVLP Paint Gun: Best for Quick Paints

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If you’re discovering how to spray paint a car for the first time, you’ll want to get it properly the first time. And if that is the scenario, you’ve come to the right place to get a dependable and top-rated automobile paint gun for both novice and experienced users.

A 1.5 mm nozzle guarantees a smooth basecoat, the 1.3 mm nozzle fixes the topcoat, and the 1.8 mm nozzle guarantees perfect finishing with no overspray. Another wonderful feature of this automobile paint gun that we found is its large volume of low-pressure technology, which means less paint wastage and greater coverage.

Finishline 4 Gravity Feed Paint Gun model is one of Devilbiss’s finest innovations. The smooth exterior and long-lasting fluid flow provide a superb paint job faster which makes it the best for quick paints.

This Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun has been particularly developed to satisfy all automotive and construction painting demands.


  • Lightweight design
  • Long-lasting
  • The best option for multi-purpose usage


  • There is no filter connected
  • No air compressor

5. Astro 4008 Spray Gun: Best for Beginners

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Astro spray gun is tiny, affordable, and simple to use, making it ideal for little projects and for beginners. It has a siphon design, as seen by the positioning of the paint canister, and a 1-quart canister.

Astro 4008 Spray Gun has a one-of-a-kind anti-spill function that keeps the paint canister from spilling regardless of the fill level or position at which it is handled. Furthermore, it features a 1.8 mm nozzle that enables fan size adjustment up to a total of 11-inch while spraying from 8-inch proximity.

Astro spray gun takes 7-12 cubic feet per minute of air (CFM) from a 3 horsepower compressor. With so much air force behind it, we found this device to pump out paint at 50-60 psi, allowing it to handle thick liquids without sacrificing finish excellence.

Moreover, ergonomic design, along with a weight of only 2.5 4lbs., makes it quite easy to use. Red stainless steel grip structure not only provides style but also endurance. If you’re searching for your first paint gun, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Astro spray gun comes with a comprehensive instruction manual.


  • Comfortable design
  • The spray fan width is adjustable.
  •  Anti-spill system
  • Basic instructions are given.
  • Quality aluminum canister


  • Not suitable for professional usage
  • Compressor not included

4. NEIKO Air Spray Paint Gun: Best for Intermediate

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NEIKO 31216A paint gun is inexpensive while producing excellent paint results. It employs a 2mm stainless steel nozzle to spray paint in an attractive pattern on a variety of surfaces including any automobile.

To guarantee that this spray gun would last for months, NEIKO manufactured all of its parts out of anti-rust steel. The gravity feed delivery system works in tandem with three adjustable valve knobs that let you direct the flow of the liquid for precise spraying according to paint job specifications.

It includes a precise air gauge with double measurement scales of 0-7 bar and 0-140 PSI.  NEIKO uses 4.5CFM of air, has a working pressure of 10PSI, and an operating pressure of 40PSI.

It also features a tethered trigger-style grip that gives the operator complete control over pressure and fluid flow. This spray gun’s 600cc metal cup makes it perfect for semi-large projects.

In addition, the paint cup has a cover to minimize leakage, resulting in reduced paint waste. We found that the gun can be easily disassembled for convenient maintenance due to the multi-size wrench. It also comes with a cleaning brush to aid in keeping it clean.

NEIKO spray gun is lightweight and will not cause any discomfort to your hand if used for an extended period of time which makes it best for intermediate users.


  • Inexpensive and provides good value for money
  • Lightweight, ideal for do-it-yourself projects
  • For durability, the body is made of anti-rust steel
  • It has a little orange peel finish
  • Good regulator


  • Screws are excessively tight
  • Difficult to remove and clean

3. ANEST IWATA Iwata Bellaria Spray Gun: Best for Professional

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Bellaria by Anest Iwata is yet another favorite paint gun amongst expert technicians. Bellaria has a nozzle tip of 1.3 mm that sprays paint at 29 psi/9.53 CFM up to a total of 11 inches width. The gun is composed of high-quality metal which is not only lightweight but is also of exceptional quality.

Because of its lightweight design, ergonomic grip, and gentle trigger, you may use the Bellaria for large and medium tasks without getting tired. Furthermore, the 1.3 mm fluid tip is precisely the appropriate diameter for spraying paint or other vehicle fluids.

As it is a professional instrument with a strong body, superior surface polish, and more control, this gun is significantly more expensive than the other choices. You will, however, get what you paid for which makes the gun best for professional users.

This model does not include a suitable paint canister, much alone any cleaning tools, so you simply receive the primary paint gun. However, as a professional model, the maker assumes you already have a plethora of containers and paint gun brushes lying around. But if not, many of the attachments are available individually.


  • Materials of high grade were used
  • Simple to clean
  • Painted tool
  • Spare components are easily accessible


  • A bit expensive
  • Excessive air usage

2. Graco Magnum X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer: Best Value

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Graco Magnum X7 is a multi-purpose paint sprayer for the home. It’s from the Graco Project Painter line. The sprayer was designed with the do-it-yourselfer in view. The spraying tip of the Graco Magnum X7 is medium in size.

Graco’s semi-professional paint gun will come in handy for dedicated DIYers and carpenters. It has a suggested annual output of 125 gallons of paint. You should be able to spray paint a handful of medium-sized jobs every year.

Graco Magnum X7 is powered by a 0.63 horsepower pump that generates 3000 PSI. It guarantees that the paint flows smoothly and evenly and makes the gun ideal for jobs requiring a high level of finish.

Remember that this isn’t a sprayer for heavy commercial use or large infrastructure projects. However, we found that it has outstanding characteristics that make it an ideal spraying system for use in and around your house.

Graco Magnum X7 gives you complete control over the air pressure level for a smooth, uniform, and precise application. The stainless-steel pump aids in the reduction of overspray paint. Because of its compatibility with primers and stains, it may be used for a variety of spray painting projects. Its overall features make the gun the best option for value.


  • Cleaning up is a breeze
  • Convenient for transportation
  • Sturdy stainless-steel pump
  •  A fantastic time-saver


  • The hose isn’t very long
  • Sprayer tips may become blocked while using tick paints

1. Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2: Editor’s Choice

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Fuji HVLP gravity spray gun is our top overall selection and the editor’s choice since it has an adjustable fan that lets you manage the flow of paint according to your needs. As a result, the problem of over spraying is reduced. The finishing nozzle size and shape are also intended to provide a high-quality finish for your vehicle.

Fuji non-bleed spray gun is smartly built with the option of utilizing the Semi-Pro 2 gravity versions. The Semi-PRO 2 is composed of high-quality materials and is extremely long-lasting.

We found that the nicest part about this product is that it takes minimal maintenance and is simple to clean. It also has an air control valve to keep paint from bouncing back.


  • Durable materials are used in its construction to assure years of service
  • Simple to clean
  • It requires minimal upkeep
  • When combined with its ergonomic handle, it provides ease for us
  • Equipped with a well-placed air control valve
  • Overspray and bounce-back are avoided


  • Over time, the attached hose gets quite loose
  • For optimal operation, the nozzle must be unclogged on a regular basis

Different Types of Paint Spray Guns for Cars

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Sprayers

Because of the tighter aim of the spray and the delicacy of the pressure, HVLP Sprayers are the most widely desired form of paint gun for automobile lovers. The answer is in the name.

Because of the enormous amount of paint that can be held (some canisters contain up to 2 liters), you can spray a lot of it at once. This amount is excellent for larger tasks, such as the body of an automobile. Low-pressure sprayers like these are ideal for sensitive and precise jobs, like the body of an automobile, since they give more consistency and accuracy.

The spray from these guns is comparable to the mist from standard spray bottles in terms of density.

LVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure) Sprayers

They are similar to the HVLP sprayer, but with a lower volume capacity rather than a higher capacity. This offers both advantages and disadvantages since the limited capacity means you will have to spend more time replenishing the container.

Because the container is smaller in capacity, there is much less paint overspray and the point of impact is closer to your wrist, giving you greater control over the gun.

Compressed Air Sprayers

Another name for this sort of sprayer is the conventional or standard paint sprayer. These popular sprayers employ compressed air to fire a fan-like trajectory of pressured paint.

The spray from these weapons has a thick viscosity and coats in wide strokes. Its main drawback is the quantity of paint spilled from the spray, since only approximately half of it really remains on the surface owing to the high pressure.

Airless Paint Sprayers

Unlike with the previous sprayers, this kind uses high pressure rather than air to blast the paint up to 3,000 psi via a hose or spray nozzle. Airless paint sprayers, such as compressed air sprayers, have a downside in the quantity of paint lost during applying.

Another disadvantage is the lengthier cleaning time required by this type of sprayer when compared to others. This is because the hose on airless paint sprayers must be cleaned after each usage. If this is not done, paint accumulation can cause air bubbles and a generally poor finish.

Buyers Guide for The Best Spray Guns for Cars in 2021:

Which Type of Spray Gun is The Best for Beginners?

The simple answer will be without a question the HVLP sprayer, especially if you are a novice looking to develop rapidly. It’s due to the fact that HVLP sprayers are most effective, providing an excellent mix of control with little overspray.

Spray paint is a specialized paint that is frequently much more expensive than normal paint. To decrease the quantity of paint lost, opt for an HVLP with good transfer effectiveness. It simply implies that the paint is released and with enough power to adhere to the surface without over-spraying most everywhere.

Other aspects to examine while selecting your HVLP Sprayer include:


Feed is the container connector that retains the paint when the spray cannon is in operation. It might be gravity or siphon (traditional). Gravity feeds are connected upside down from the paint gun.

They utilize less air pressure than Siphon feeds because they use natural gravity to impart pressure, resulting in a much more atomized spray. Air pressure is used to discharge the paint using siphon feeds, which are connected from the bottom. They are the less expensive alternative and offer a wider range of size possibilities than gravity feeds.

Nozzle Size

The nozzle size you require is highly dependent on the type of paint you want to use. Thicker paint, such as priming, need a nozzle with bigger holes since the paint is thicker and takes more space to travel. Thin paints, such as metallic, benefit from a nozzle with fewer holes to provide equal application throughout.

Air Compressor

Air compressors provide pressured air that ejects paint via the nozzle and must stay consistent with the spray gun in order to maintain the proper pressure.

When deciding which air compressor is right for you, consider the CFM, tank capacity, and PSI. CFM is a unit of measurement for the quantity of air that can be supplied at a given pressure. Since paint guns are used continually, a good rule of thumb is to acquire a compressor that generates 1.5x the CFM required by the paint gun at a given pressure.

It keeps the spray from stopping since there is always adequate pressure created. The size of your tank is totally dependent on the type of work you intend to do. A 10-gallon tank should be sufficient for a difficult operation such as extensive bodywork on a car. Because HVLP spray guns have a low psi demand, there is no need to acquire an air compressor with a high requirement.

Our 6 Spray Paint Suggestions for Beginners:

Quality Components

For a valid reason, automobile painting is a costly task to pay for. For a polished look, it must be applied with precision and dependability. The last thing you wish to accomplish is to be almost through with a paint job just to have your gun misfire at the last second and damage all of your hard work. Invest a little more on a good, dependable paint gun, and you’ll have years of great results.

Nozzle Kits

If you want to use several kinds of paint (primer, metallic, etc.), search for a paint gun that comes with a range of nozzle sizes in a kit. Because nozzle sizes are ubiquitous, you will save time while shopping and save the stress of finding the specific sizes you want.

Suggested CFM

When searching for an air compressor, aim for one that can create 1.5x the CFM required for the paint gun.


Think about the weight of the paint gun you want to buy. The weight should be specified in the product description and matched to comparable items in terms of portability and simplicity of usage. Consider this extra measure now to avoid future hand or wrist injury caused by a paint gun that is too hefty for convenience.

Keep Clean

It’s a good practice to clean the spray gun’s nozzle after each lengthy usage to guarantee sanitation and avoid further blockages.


 Ensure that the environment in which you paint not only has enough of fresh air, but is also devoid of any harmful contaminants. This includes items like pollen that hovers in the air in a filthy region or tree branch litter on a gusty day. You want to keep your paint safe from the weather while yet enabling it to dry and set correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a spray paint gun and how does it work?

A spray paint gun resembles a conventional paint gun, but it is specifically intended for painting automobiles. It works by converting liquid paint into tiny droplets via the atomization process. The tiny drops then combine to produce a thin mist that passes through a nozzle. The mist that forms colors the desired spot.

Do spray guns use a lot of paint?

The quantity of paint you’ll use is determined by the sprayer you use. To be on the side of caution, it is advised that you purchase 30% extra paint. Rollers require less paint than an airless paint gun.

How do I set up a spray paint gun?

Setting up a spray gun is a simple process. The majority of products come with a detailed user manual. If you are concerned about appropriate use, purchase a complete kit rather than simply the pistol. It’s all about ensuring the canister has adequate power, air pressure, and paint.

Which is the best spray paint gun for beginners?

It is based on how you intend to use the gun. Touch-ups need a smaller canister, lower pressure, and greater accuracy. Larger tasks require more power, however, they can have a wider stream. The DeVilbiss Paint Spray Gun Kit is a good pick.

What PSI should I use to paint a car?

Any automobile that has to be painted requires continuous pressure that provides the same amount of fluid every time. Any high-quality spray paint gun can reach this level of uniformity. As a result, it is advised to go big in terms of gallon and compressor capacity. This translates to about 90 PSI and 14-18 CFM. This may be accomplished by acquiring a large 60-gallon tank equipped with a 6-horsepower compressor.


Using a spray gun for painting your car may seem like a difficult task, but it is not. However, if you want a long-lasting product that will give you the greatest finishing touch on your vehicle paint project, listed above are some of the best spray guns for cars you can find.

The Fuji 2203G is best for its adjustable fan and overall features. Graco Magnum is best for its multipurpose value. And Anest IWATA is best for its lightweight and compact design.

Anything you require, keep in mind the weight and simplicity of cleaning since these factors will affect how long you get to use the spray gun.

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