10 Best Socket Set for Mechanic Review in 2024 With Beginners Guide

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Something is missing in your mechanic’s toolbox to repair your vehicle! Well, it might be a socket set, right? Without having a good socket set, your toolbox can’t be completed. It is one of the most important kits you will require if you plan to do several automotive works. Besides, this socket set will also be a useful kit for your home use.

However, you will get all the benefits of this kit when you have the best set in your hand. So, after incisive research of this product, I have found the 10 best socket sets for mechanics in different categories and varieties.

And, in the next part, I will review all of them according to their category. Hopefully, after reading the article, you will find the best-suited socket set that can meet your automotive needs. So, keep reading and enjoy the article!

Our 10 best socket sets for mechanic for you:

10. GEARWRENCH 89074 176-Piece Drive 12 Pt. Master The Best Socket Set

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When it comes to having a socket set, no one can deny getting the brand GEARWRENCH. This brand produces different varieties of socket sets with so many exciting features. The GEARWRENCH 89074 Master Socket Set is one of them.

This socket set is made from chrome S2 alloy steel. Therefore, it comes with a bright and fully smooth chrome finish. This chrome finish makes the socket set much sturdier. So, it can last for quite a long time. Yet, this finish also protects the sockets from rust and corrosions.

And, you can easily clean the socket set because of this smooth finish. Besides, you will get this master socket set with three different drive sizes-1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch.

Not only that, but also it lets you give a 12-point socket set with both SAE and metric measurement systems. It also provides standard and deep socket sets. To identify these special standards and metric sockets, this GEARWRENCH gives you hard-stamped markings- double line ring for SAE and knurled ring for metric measurements.

So, if you are looking for the most commonly used size socket sets for your automotive task, this master socket set is an incomparable toolkit for you. With their amazing speed and strength, these different socket sets can do almost any type of job.

Furthermore, this GEARWRENCH socket set comes with 176 pieces that meet ASME specifications. And also, the chrome hex bit sockets offer you an off-corner loading design. So, it can lessen fastener rounding. However, with the chamfered opening, it leads the fasteners swiftly into the socket. So, all in all, as an on-the-go user, it’s a perfect socket set for you.


  • Features SAE and metric both measurements.
  • Comes with hard-stamped markings.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Can resist rust and corrosion.
  • Easy to clean.


  • It comes with a poor quality control issue.
  • Doesn’t provide a complete set.

09. SATA ST09135U-02 80-Piece Vortex Socket Set

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SATA ST09135U-02 is a top-quality Vortex Socket Set from the brand SATA. It has gained much popularity due to providing top-notch quality socket set products and its amazing services. Besides, this socket set also comes with a shallow profile.

Surprisingly, the SATA socket set provides you a versatile set. It includes 1/4-inch 6 point sockets, sockets wobble extension, 4-inch stubby ratcheting magnetic screwdriver handle, bit adapter, drive pass-through sockets, pass-through extension bar, pass-through adapter, 3/8-inch pass-thru ratchet, spark plug socket, etc. All of these items you will get in this socket set package.

So, if you need a versatile socket set, nothing can beat this SATA ST09135U-02. Yet, you will get 80-pieces of vortex socket sets that are solid and well-designed. And, this socket set provides you an excellent access feature.

The pass-thru ratchet, as well as the socket system, expels the deep socket requirements. And this is one of the amazing features of this set you will love most. Moreover, the ratchet systems of this socket set are 50% thinner compared to other conventional ratchet systems.

Besides, it is a sturdier, durable, and well-built socket set. Therefore, it can eliminate drive tang and makes the socket set up to 40% stronger. Yet, another interesting feature of this SATA socket is that you will get a blow-molded case for its handy and endurable storage.


  • Features well-designed versatile socket set.
  • Offers you a thru-hole design and low-profile ratchet set.
  • Solid and sturdy.
  • Provides a decent and durable storage case.
  • Easy to carry.


  • A little bit overpriced.

08. Neiko 02409A 22-Piece Dr. Impact Socket Set

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In our socket set review list, we have another socket set, Neiko 02409A, from the brand Neiko. This Neiko drive impact socket set features 22-pieces set with 3/4 –inch drive sizes.

This 22-piece set provides sixteen pieces of 3/4-inch drive impact sockets, with one square socket and two drive extensions. Besides, this set also includes a one-piece ratchet handle with a 24-tooth gear mechanism that is quick-released. You will also get one sliding T head breaker bar and one storage organized socket case.

It offers a complete socket set not only for your trucks, tractors, heavy machinery, and equipment but also for any type of big service and automotive repair job. So, you can use this impact socket set for high-torque applications without worrying so much.

And, it also comes with an SAE measurement system where the size ranges from 7/8 inches to 2 inches. Moreover, it is made from chrome-molybdenum steel. Thus, it is super durable and long-lasting. Besides, it also offers you superior performances. Its 6-point wave design lets it tolerate higher torque and grips fasteners with stronger flat sides. Thus, it prevents fastener stripping under high torque pressure.

Furthermore, the 18-inch sliding T head breaker bars, as well as two 3/4-inch drive extension bars, assist you in loosening the robust fastener easily by your hand. And, this Neiko socket set also offers not only extra-large but also high-contrast socket size markings. Therefore, you can easily select the size within a short time.

Moreover, this socket set offers a protective black phosphate finish that is corrosion-resistant. And, it also provides you a heavy-duty carry case for durable storage.


  • Provides a complete drive deep impact socket set.
  • Good quality at an affordable price.
  • Can perform under much higher torque stress.
  • It prevents fastener round-off of nuts and bolts.
  • Corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • Comes with a handy storage case.


  • Have issues with the ratchet.

07. Norske Tools KORR KSS001 11-Piece Socket Set

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Norske Tools KORR KSS001 is another comprehensive socket set for mechanics manufactured by Norske Tools Ltd. This socket set is made in Taiwan and comes with premium quality. The Norske Tools provides 11-pieces of socket set with 6-point fitment that are 1/2- inch deep. It also comes with the SAE deep measurement system.

These KORR socket sets are made of heat-treated chrome vanadium. Besides, it is also polished with a black manganese phosphate finish. Therefore, its chrome vanadium in-built construction and the phosphate finish make the socket set very strong, tough, and durable. And, this phosphate coating finish also protects the socket set from rust as well as corrosion.

Besides, this premium quality socket set includes the most commonly used sockets for SAE uses. Furthermore, its 6-point sockets reduce fastener rounding, and chrome vanadium coating also increases turning power. So, if you want a ready socket for higher torque applications, this KORR is a perfect socket set for you.

Moreover, when compared with the traditional design, its 6-point wave provides a radius corner design. Overall, like a socket set for heavy-duty uses with impact wrenches and with the corrosion-resistant chrome coating, the Norske Tools KORR KSS001 fits most of the job.


  • Provides a durable black phosphate finish.
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Prevents fastener rounding by gripping it tightly.
  • Perfects for heavy-duty use.
  • Sturdy and durable socket set.


  • Nothing significant was found at all.

06. Neiko 02448A 65-Piece Drive Master Impact Socket Set

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Well, next on our list, there is another first-rated socket set from the Neiko brand- Neiko 02448A Drive Master Impact Socket Set. Like other socket sets, this one also comes with a complete set of impact-graded sockets.

It includes 58-pieces, 1/2-inch drive both shallow and deep impact sockets, extension bars, 10-inch length quick-release ratchet handle with 72-tooth, Impact universal joint,  drive impact reducer,  and adapter.

These Neiko socket sets are made of premium chrome vanadium steel. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether the torque pressure reaches its extreme levels; this socket set can withstand it. This socket set also provides a 6-point hex socket fitment design that offers radius corners.

It can reduce the round-off of the fastener while handling more torque pressure and also hammering stress. So, if you need a heavy-duty impact socket set with additional accessories, you should go for this Neiko 02448A socket set.

Besides, it uses impact as well as electric wrenches while preventing the fastener stripping. Along with these features, it also lets you give laser-etched markings that are highly visible on the black phosphate finish. These markings help you to identify the sizes and measurements of the sockets easily and quickly.

Not only that but also this impact socket set provides you a handy and durable blow-molded carry case. To secure the storage case, it comes with two lever locks and makes it more secure overall. So, you can keep it safe while carrying this socket set between locations.


  • Protects fastener by reducing rounding-off.
  • Comes with a premium black phosphate finish.
  • Protects from dirt, grease, oil, rust, and corrosion.
  • Easy to identify the sockets.
  • Provides long-lasting durability.


  • Sometimes, the laser etching markings can wear out.

05. TEKTON 4885 14-Piece 6-Point Drive Deep Impact Socket Set

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The brand TEKTON is well-known for providing high torque sockets. They produce the best socket sets for mechanics by offering high-quality socket tools, and the TEKTON 4885 impact socket set is one of them. And, I can assure you are buying this brand socket set won’t disappoint you ever.

However, this TEKTON socket set comes with 14-pieces 1/2 –inch drives the socket size and 6-point design fitment. Therefore, the size of the sockets ranges from 11 mm to 32 mm. Besides, it is made from chrome vanadium steel that is forged as well as heat treated. This construction increases the lifespan of the socket sets.

Yet, it also comes with an exceptional black phosphate finish. This super smooth phosphate finish makes it corrosion-resistant and thus enhances its durability. One of the most significant features of this socket is its 6-point hex socket design and extra-deep broach. The deep-broach helps to accommodate a longer fastener, and the six-point radius corner design prevents rounding-off of the flat sides of fasteners.

To transfer higher torque effortlessly and loosen stubborn crank nuts and bolts efficiently, the TEKTON 4885 is an ideal impact socket set. It meets ANSI performance standards and is intended to be used with deep impact socket tools.

Besides, this socket set provides permanent laser-etched size markings with higher contrast. So, you can easily read the sockets levels, specs, and sizes, no matter if you are in a low light environment. And, you will also get a customized, red TEKTON storage case for convenient transport of the socket set.


  • It comes with a longer usable life.
  • Protects from wear and damage even after heavy use.
  • Resists to corrosion.
  • Loosens stubborn nuts and bolts and fasteners.
  • Provides an easy to carry organized storage case.


  • Socket sizes are laser etched on the outside, thus getting scratched.

04. NEIKO 02379A 21-Piece Drive Jumbo Impact Socket Set: Best for automotive repair

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The brand Neiko offers one of the most reliable sockets with this NEIKO 02379A Drive Jumbo Impact Socket Sets. Moreover, this socket set comes with great quality. To provide long-lasting durability, it features a specialized black oxide polished finish on the small socket.

Therefore, it provides maximum product service life while holding its longevity. Besides, it also protects from rust and corrosion. This Jumbo socket set is made from heat-treated chrome vanadium steel constructed perfectly and, thus, well-built. With each socket impact movement, it will provide super toughness and excellent strength.

This Neiko 02379A includes a 21-piece full socket set along with an SAE socket size measurement system. Therefore, if you want to do your automotive repair job efficiently within a very short period, this Neiko impact socket set will be a perfect solution for you.

Moreover, it also includes standard SAE sockets with a ratchet, extension bars, and a sliding T-bar. The 3/4-inch six-point shallow drive socket grips the flat sides of the fastener and nuts and bolts and reduces fastener stripping. Its extra-deep provides fasteners entire lengths of access. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about high torque.

Besides, you will get a blow-molded, convenient, customized hard plastic and durable storage case. It also gives you a convenient handle for easy transport. Therefore, you can efficiently organize your tools and carry them to your job location with this storage case.


  • Perfect for automotive repair jobs.
  • Removes stubborn nuts and bolts quickly.
  • Features fully equipped socket sets.
  • It makes it easier to spot the right socket sizes.
  • Offers a custom organized storage case.
  • Comes at an affordable price.


  • The storage case is not so good quality.

03. GEARWRENCH 84902 48- Piece Drive 6 Pt. Impact Socket Set: Best for Advanced

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The GEARWRENCH 84902 is another impact graded wide-ranged socket set. These socket sets are made of chrome molybdenum alloy steel. This well-in-built construction makes it super durable and provides unprecedented strength.

If you are a professional user and require super performance and outstanding strength for your heavy-duty use, this GEARWRENCH 84902 is a great solution for you. The manufacturer has added so many amazing and improved features and, thus, makes it one of the best impact socket sets for advanced mechanics.

These features include parallel necks on select sockets, radius corner design, etc. With the help of these improved features, you can work in a tighter space. However, these sockets come with a manganese phosphate coating.

This phosphate finish resists corrosion and rust. Not only that but also it provides laser-etched markings that have higher visibility. Besides, the GEARWRENCH 84902 also offers a secondary size hard stamping to select the size easily.

This impact socket comes with 48- Piece SAE and a Metric measurement socket set along with 1/4-inch drive size and 6-point fitment. In addition, it features an off-corner loading technology. So, it can lessen fastener stripping or round-off.

However, this socket set offers you a limited lifetime warranty and also a great service indeed. In addition, this exceptional GEARWRENCH 84902 socket set permits the professional mechanic to forge ahead from a huge variety of socket sets.


  • Features a complete set of SAE and Metric sockets.
  • Offers a great and smooth corrosion-resistant finish.
  • Perfect for professionals.
  • It comes with laser etching and stamping to identify the sockets clearly.
  • Less-expensive.
  • Provides lifetime warranty.


  • Poor quality slide clips on the container.

02. Sunex 1848 48-Piece Drive Master Impact Socket Set: Best for Intermediate

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Requiring a decent socket set for working in the garage and around your house is an obvious thing. And if you haven’t that much skill, you will want a comfortable socket set that you can rely on, like the Sunex 1848 impact socket set.

The Sunex 1848 Socket Set is manufactured from the finest chrome molybdenum alloy steel giving excellent strength and long-lasting durability. So, it can easily manage high torque impact tools. Besides, it meets ANSI standards and provides the industry’s leading lifetime warranty with SUN EXPRESS. So, buying this one will definitely be a money-worth investment.

It comes with a 48-pieces socket set along with both the SAE and METRIC sizes. The 1/4 Inch Drive socket size ranges from 4mm – 15mm. Moreover, this socket set provides a radius corner design.

This design helps to lessen wear and also enhances the torque at a higher level on fasteners. It does so by applying force on fastener walls instead of applying it on its corner. Thus, it prevents damage to the socket.

Furthermore, the Sunex socket set offers a chamfered opening. So, it can swiftly align the fastener to the impact socket. Not only that, but also it provides dual size markings, and they are- laser etched size markings, and roll stamped size markings. Both of these size markings spot right size sockets. So, you don’t have to worry about any socket size missing identification.

And also, this socket set provides you a heavy-duty, convenient, durable impact socket storage case. Therefore, carrying and transporting this socket set will be much easier for you.


  • Features excellent quality SAE and METRIC impact socket set.
  • Provides a wide variety of sizes with dual-size markings.
  • Provides lifetime product warranty.
  • Offers a heavy-duty, blow-molded storage case.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.


  • Socket design change creates GP socket issues.

01. DEWALT [DWMT73801] 108-Piece Socket Set: Best for Beginner

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I will wrap up our review list with this DEWALT DWMT73801 Socket Set. This socket set is our best pick and also one of the best socket sets for mechanics. It provides an impressive and wide variety of socket sizes. Therefore, it can be a great choice for anyone who requires a complete mechanic toolset with other accessories.

It features a 108-Piece socket set with a smooth 72-tooth gear ratcheting mechanism. This gear system allows ratcheting of higher torque from sockets to wrenches. Besides, it provides a removable force device accessory storage case to store all mechanical tools. It also includes 2 pear head ratchets, extension bars, and drives adapters along with the socket pieces.

The DEWALT DWMT73801 comes with a high-quality socket set that is perfect for the beginner level or the weekend mechanics and also for the DIYers. Moreover, it provides any common size socket that you may require for your projects.

And also, all sockets are clearly marked, so you don’t need to worry while finding the exact socket size. Surprisingly, this DEWALT socket set offers a durable, sturdy, and anti-slipped bit socket driver. Thus, you can work with utmost comfort with these mechanics socket tool kits.

All sockets of this DEWALT set are laser etched deeply and are intended to perform the non-slip operation. This socket set also features Direct Torque technology. Therefore, it reduces stripping or rounding off the fastener’s flat sides by providing a better grip facility.

Besides, this Mechanics Tools Kit and Socket Set let you give knurled control rings. So, you can get a METRIC size measurement system. Not only that, but also it comes with chrome vanadium smooth polished finish. This feature protects the socket set from dirt, oil, grease, corrosion, and rust.

However, this socket set also provides you a little yellow box to hold all your tools snug. This box is not too large and heavy. So you can easily carry in and out of your vehicle and also conveniently lug around your house.

Yet, although it’s a little bit pricey, you will, of course, want to get this excellent quality and comfortable mechanics tool kit.


  • Provides a quality set of mechanics tools kit and socket set.
  • Durable and easy to use.
  • Comes with the most common-sized sockets.
  • Features 72-tooth ratchets to control high torque precisely.
  • Offers multiple items in one little case.


  • A little bit more expensive than other socket sets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What items does the socket set include?

Usually, the socket set includes socket and ratchet socket wrenches. Besides, some socket sets also provide extra accessories like a deep socket, a spark plug socket, extender, drive adapter, and so many.

What number of socket points is best for automotive repair?

The number of socket points is important for your automotive repair task. If it’s a light work task, 12 pt. Drive size sockets will be good for the repair.

However, 6-point drive-size sockets are much sturdier as they possess thicker walls. Besides, these sockets have less chance to slip off on the round edges as well. Not only that but also they have a better grip compared to 12-point sockets. Thus, they have the potency to apply force to the fastener’s flat slide.

So, if you want to repair your vehicle, 6-point sockets are best for your task.

Can you utilize a regular socket set with an impact wrench socket?

Well, actually, the answer is- yes, you can, but the best answer is you shouldn’t use it. If you think, based on their technical level, both of the socket sets utilize the same screwdriver size.

But the thing is, the impact wrench sockets are intended to endure higher torque. So, when you are going to use a regular socket set with an impact wrench socket, it will enhance the possibility of cracking and shattering the socket. Therefore, I won’t recommend you to do this.

Which drive sizes should you get- 1/4-inch, or 3/8-inch, or 1/2-inch?

1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch drive- each of these 3 drive socket sizes have a different and own purpose for working. Yet, in most cases, the 3/8-inch drive socket size is working well.

However, you should use a thicker drive size like a 1/2-inch drive size socket to tolerate higher torque. But, when you need a drive size for tight spaces or for all of the nuts and bolts that are hardly recessed, you should get the 1/4-inch drive size that will work as a lifesaver overall.


As I said before, Socket sets are important mechanical tools required to work, especially for automotive repair projects, domestic and industrial projects. And, it doesn’t matter if you are mechanical enthusiasts or general home users; you will always want to get the best quality socket set that lasts for a long time.

With considering all of these, in this article, I have outlined some of the best socket sets for mechanics. And also, I have reviewed all of them with detailed information to help you find the most suited one. So, you can fulfill your socket requirements within your budget.

So, don’t waste your time. Just go through the article and grab your desired one!

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