Top 7 Best Plasma Cutters Under 500$ | Quality You Can Afford

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Do you need a plasma cutter? Do you want to save money while getting a plasma cutter? What if we told you that you could get an excellent plasma cutter for just under $500? Would you believe me?

Yes. You heard that right. The best plasma cutters under 500 price ranges aren’t that hard to find. Why am I so confident you can have a plasma cutter for under $500? Because I have looked for quality plasma cutters with affordable prices myself and highlighted cheap plasma cutters for you.

Are you ready to know them? Let’s get on with it right away.

Our Picks for Best Plasma Cutters Under 500 in 2024:

01. Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter: Best for Advanced Users

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The Lotos LTP5000D isn’t mistakenly Amazon’s choice for the best plasma cutter under 500. It is clearly among the best as it boasts an efficiency so high it can cut through all manner of rough or painted surfaces with ease.

What makes Lotos ltp5000d so impressive is the pilot arc technology it comes with. What makes the pilot arc technology so remarkable? Because it means you don’t have to touch the tip of the material to cut it.

You will also undoubtedly love that the Lotos LTP5000D plasma cutter uses safe and non-hazardous compressed air that cuts through stainless steel with ease. You can also use it to cut alloy steel, aluminum, or copper.

Another impressive quality this plasma cutter possesses is the dual voltage power. Under the 10-50 V output, it can sever ½ inches of material with ease and ¾ inches at the maximum severance.

There’s nothing quite as convenient as a machine that you can set up fast. Most people tend to get frustrated with a device that doesn’t start quickly. This plasma cutter eliminates chances of that with a short setup time. It takes only a minute to have it ready.

The Lotos LTP5000D also comes with an advanced cooling system that makes it function better and boosts its lifespan. The cooling system enables the plasma cutter to give you reliable and efficient service free of any hiccups.

In case you are working somewhere else and need to transport it, the handle makes that a straightforward affair.

With the automatic dual voltage of 110/120v and the dual-frequency of 220/240V and high duty cycle, there is no doubt that you will love working with this quality plasma cutter.


  • The advanced cooling system helps it provide reliable performance
  • The dual-frequency and dual voltage boost its cutting efficiency and versatility
  • The setup doesn’t take too long
  • It comes with no touch pilot arch technology


  • The cuts aren’t that fine or smooth, which makes it a little inefficient

02. Cut 50 Plasma Cutter: Best for Beginners

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This plasma cutter boasts an auto voltage that can quickly adapt to100-240v of power with the plug adapters. That, together with its design, means that you will love cutting with this plasma cutter.

It has a torchlike design made of heat-resistant material with a comfortable grip that makes using it as effortless as possible. The material also impacts resistance to enable it to serve you for longer.

We think you should get this machine because you can use this plasma cutter for light industrial cutting or even home. That’s because it can cut up to 1.0 inches of material.

If it can cut such an amount of thickness, it can handle demanding metal cuts quite quickly and be suitable for hobby use as well.

This heavy-duty plasma cutter machine makes light work of cutting, aluminum, metal sheet, stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, sheet metal, or other metallic materials. That is why you wouldn’t regret trying it.

The plasma cutter also uses nontoxic compressed air that makes it easy to use and safe. You have less to fear with fire hazards or preventable accidents involving toxic air.

You will also love that this plasma cutting machine is low maintenance. It won’t cost you too much to keep in good working condition because of the low maintenance.

It is the above qualities that convince us that this is among the best plasma cutters under 500. The clean cuts it will provide you with assure you of an excellent but affordable plasma cutter.


  • Easy to maintain and setup
  • Torchlike design enables its operation to be comfortable
  • It can cut a maximum of 1 inch for different materials and metal alloys
  • Safe for use because of the nontoxic gas it uses


  • At times it tends to tip the breaker

03. Forney Easy Weld Plasma Cutter

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The Forney Easy Weld plasma cutter is an easy-to-use plasma cutter that will help you cut inches of mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, metal sheet, and aluminum rather effortlessly. It is a powerful plasma cutter that can weld up to ½ inches of steel and other materials.

What you will love about this is the drag torch technology that enables you to drag the cutting tip while directly contacting the material you are cutting. That allows you to make smooth and accurate cuts.

You can also quickly move from one job site to another because of how light this plasma cutter is. The lightweight nature and the integrated handle make it easy to transport and store, allowing you to cut.

The Forney Easy Weld plasma cutter is also quite versatile thanks to the versatile easy to start technology that makes each strike easy and prevents the electrode from sticking. It is also generator friendly and gives a stable arc even from a generator.

Its functionality is also top-notch. It features an eight-inch ground clamp, an eight-inch electrode holder, and an eight-inch power cable.

To better utilize the machine, you will need to get some accessories such as an air cool system. The air cool will ensure the plasma cutter’s reliable ale functioning and maintain it for a longer time.

With all those features above, it is least surprising if this machine can be considered the best plasma cutter under 500.


  • The integrated handle and lightweight nature make it easy to transport it
  • Versatile thanks to the easy start technology
  • It is relatively powerful and can cut through mild steel and stainless steel with ease
  • The drag torch technology enables more efficient cutting


  • It can only work with a ten-gauge extension cord

Do you know how a plasma cutter works? You can check our latest article about How Plasma Cutting Works.

04. HITBOX IGBT Plasma Cutter-Best for Portability

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The Hitbox plasma cutter uses the inverter technical of switch power, which reduces the dimensions and the weight of the primary transformer. That not only boosts the efficiency but also increases the energy-saving capabilities of the machine.

What sets this plasma cutter apart from the other machines on our list so far is the LCD it comes with. The display enables you to control the device easily and know the dimensions for which to cut.

One doesn’t have to give too much thought to their safety with this plasma cutter since it uses nontoxic compressed air. A plasma cutter’s safety should feature high in buying any machine, more so a plasma cutter. This machine guarantees you that.

The protection of the electric current from overcurrent and overvoltage is a further boost to the safety you get from this device. Consequently, there are lesser dangers of electric accidents.

The Hitbox plasma cutter is a convenient tool, thanks to the portable handle it comes with. You can quickly transfer it from job site to job site as well as store it easily. It is also relatively compact, which further makes transport easier.

This plasma cutter is also quite versatile since it can cut a wide range of metals ranging from aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel, and metal plates and sheet metal. You can thus decide to use it in repair or maintenance work or the automotive industry—your choice.

The Hitbox is worth it if you are looking for a digital plasma cutter that provides you with a high duty cycle, portable convenience, and quality performance.


  • It is relatively affordable and provides outstanding performance
  • Commendable cutting capacity of 16mm
  • Compact and portable making transportation easier
  • It uses safe compressed air and has measures in place to prevent any accidents


  • The ground cable doesn’t hold on to the unit securely enough

05. Suncoo 50-amp Plasma Cutter: Best for Intermediate Users

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There are various reasons why we would consider this machine the best plasma cutter under $500. With its simple operation, clean-cut, pressure controls, dual voltage, and fifty-amp direct current output, this machine ticks several boxes of what to look for in a capable plasma cutter.

You can use it to effortlessly cut through stainless steel, mild steel, copper, or iron, or various types of metal. Like the Hitbox, this plasma cutter also comes with an LCD that enables you to monitor the controls for more efficient use. It also has a front panel that makes reading pressure controls near effortless.

The Suncoo also boasts of superb cutting speed that doesn’t compromise on the smoothness of cuts. With the solid construction, you are sure it will stand the test of time and serve you reliably for an extended period.

Another feature of this machine that will impress you is the safe design this machine comes with. Not only does it come with inbuilt overheat and overvoltage protection, but it also comes with a mask for your safe use.

It also has mechanisms that reduce heat dissipation lowering the temperatures of the inner components when using it. That ensures more efficient service as well as reliability in the long run as well.

It has solid black edges that protect the panels from wear and ensure its efficient functioning. It also helps the machine look stylish. There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as using a device that’s reliable and stylish.


  • It is simple to operate and maintain
  • The solid construction it comes with makes it resistant to wear and tear
  • It boasts a safe design that gives one the satisfaction of using a safe machine
  • The control panel that also consists of an LCD makes it easy to use


  • Setting it up to wok with 240V can be quite complicated

06. Super Deal Plasma Cutter Welding Machine: Best for Ease of Use

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From its name, the Super deal plasma cutter promises you superior performance with cutting efficiency akin to a hot knife through butter. It comes with PO technology that offers more stable performance and proves why it’s on our shortlist of the best plasma cutters under 500.

With the high duty cycle, the machine can cut on energy consumption and saves you power. It emphasizes high cutting speed, high temperature, and a high energy plasma draught that makes it more economical to use.

It has a strong iron construction that is durable and strong enough to withstand heavy-duty use for long periods. The iron structure also makes it more reliable, giving a reason to why you should purchase it.

The digital display consists of the easy-to-read panel and the LCD, and the air compressor gauge. You will save energy and have a quiet operation. It will also enable the machine to cut smoothly and with speed.

It also boasts a considerably safe design that will protect you from any dangers that come with using it. The safety measures include inbuilt protection from overheating, overvoltage as well as a mask that covers you when working.

It is also perfect for use with a wide variety of applications marking it out as versatile. You can use it for industrial cutting or even hobby cutting at home. You can splice through different materials from stainless steel, mild steel, copper aluminum, and other metals.


  • Versatile and applies to a wide range of use
  • It has a safe design and even comes with a protective mask
  • It is easy to use thanks in large to the easy-to-read display and front panel
  • Strong and durable iron construction makes it resistant to damage


  • It doesn’t come with a hose or psi gauge for the air compressor

07. Vivohome Portable Plasma Cutter: Best for Versatility

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The Vivohome cheapest plasma cutters offer you reliable cutting that is speedy and more efficient than the convention la oxyacetylene cutting. Compared to oxyacetylene cutting, this machine can cut up to 1.8 times faster.

It comes with a 50-hertz frequency that can be inverted to a frequency upwards of 100Hz, making it more efficient at what it does. Together with the rectification current, the switched power supply gives you superior cutting speed.

With this plasma cutting machine, you can cut a maximum thickness of 12mm for various materials. Such materials include stainless steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum, among others.

It can cut different materials with the same efficiency and speed, making it quite a versatile product. You will undoubtedly appreciate owning a device that you can use it cut a variety of materials, which is why you should buy it.

It also provides you with a more convenient, dual voltage, quiet operation, especially in a quiet neighborhood. The quiet operation ensures smooth cutting with no resulting polishing demands.

Thanks in significant part to the inverted power supply, this machine is lighter and more efficient. The power inverter also makes it more efficient and reliable thanks to the generated direct current that makes the welding machine.

You won’t regret getting this machine thanks to its top-notch performance and quiet operation. It’s simple to operate and will serve you for a long time compared to other devices of the same specifications.


  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • The power inverter option makes it more efficient and powerful
  • Versatile since it can cut a variety of materials
  • Quiet operation that’s convenient for use in quiet neighborhoods


  • The air hose connects arent quick connect which would make them easier to connect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What gas do plasma cutters use?

A: Plasma cutters are much like welding machines because they use noble gases to cut material. Of all the noble gases, argon is the one that is the more common compared to the other gases.

Q: What type of materials can a plasma cutter cut?

A: Plasma cutters can cut electrically conductive materials such as metals. You can’t use a plasma cutter to cut plastic since you risk damaging the plastic. The material has to be electrically conductive.

Q: What is the maximum cutting thickness that a plasma cutter can cut?

A: This depends on the power of the plasma cutter you are using. A typical 50-amp plasma cutter will cut through an inch of metal material with ease. The strong and more powerful the machine, the higher the thickness it can cut.

Q: Does a plasma cutter cut metals fast?

A: Yes, it does. The typical plasma cutter will cut through material at a speed of 20,000 feet for every second. Quite fast, isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

We hope our list of the best cheap plasma cutters under 500 enables you to get the perfect device at a reasonable price. Remember not only to consider the price but also the features necessary for an excellent plasma cutter. Hope these plasma cutter reviews help you to choose the best cheap plasma cutters.

Safety should rank high in your priorities since plasma cutters can be quite dangerous. Ensure you pick one with non-hazardous compressed air. If you find one that comes with protective masks like some we have mentioned here, the better.

All the best.

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